July 01, 2014

My experience at an all-women’s college

“I have known many graduates of Bryn Mawr. … They carry the distinguishing mark – the mark that separates them from other educated and superior women: the incredible vigor, the subtlety of mind, the warmth of spirit, the aspiration, the fidelity to past and to present.” -E.B. White

Every time I tell someone that I attend a women’s college, I always get the same reaction. How do you do it? As if living with 1,400 other women eight months out of the year is an impossible thing to do.

Don’t get me wrong — when I first started the application process, I second guessed applying to Bryn Mawr because I knew that I liked boys better than girls. Men seem to involve themselves less with drama and nobody ever pestered me about trying to put on makeup, going shopping or any of the other shenanigans that girls are known for.

Yet, I applied and eventually registered to study at Bryn Mawr for my undergraduate career. There are so many things that I love about my school that I never stop talking about it. That passion was why I became a tour guide on campus. Here are the top three reasons why I chose Bryn Mawr College and my single-sex education:

  1. The Community

I visited plenty of colleges before visiting Bryn Mawr, but not one campus gave me the feeling that I got at Bryn Mawr. Here, we may only admit women, but every kind of woman is welcome. There’s no pressure to change who I am here, and I love that I am surrounded and welcomed by people who will love me no matter what or who I become.

  1. Empowerment

The thing about women’s institutions is that the catty, self-absorbed, full-of-drama girls that you encountered in high school never want to go to them. Instead, women who have already accomplished so much — and are still on their way to doing greater things — are the ones in women’s colleges. At Bryn Mawr, I’m surrounded by women who have started non-profit organizations, women that have done incredible volunteer work abroad and women who are constantly fighting immigration, racial and socio-economic struggles every day. In short, I’m surrounded by amazing women, and there is no greater motivation than seeing their successes.

  1. Family

These wonderful people are not just my friends, they are my family. I always say that we don’t have sororities because we are one giant one. There’s an unspeakable bond that just forms with fellow Mawrters. No matter where I am or how much older they are, I am always home with other Mawters.

About Katrina:

  • School: Bryn Mawr College
  • Class: 2015
  • Major: Biology
  • Hometown: Buena Park, Calif.
  • Outside the classroom: Katrina is on Bryn Mawr’s varsity swim team and enjoys exploring Philadelphia.