June 28, 2014

National Anthem

With tournament week upon us, the TWF Communications & Marketing team thought it would be fun to take a look back at the evolution of the Quicken Loans National tournament creative process throughout the years. Journey back with us to ….

2007: The inaugural AT&T National, initially held over the Fourth of July holiday, was to support the U.S. military, and, as such, we knew red, white and blue must be the dominant color scheme. Creative credit: AkinsParker 

2008: We fondly refer to this as “Tiger on 10”, a commissioned painting and incredibly realistic depiction of Tiger surrounded by thousands of golf fans. A fitting tribute to the outpouring of support we received from the local community. Creative credit: Michael J. Deas, master realist painter

2009: An explosive concept and catchy tagline that featured Tiger front and center broke tradition from a realist look and added an edginess while sticking with the patriotic color scheme. Creative credit: Y&R

2010: A temporary move to Philly inspired a play on iconic Philadelphia landmarks and encouraged locals to embrace a new hometown event. The campaign, “Philly’s Got Golf on the Brain,” garnered a great deal of attention from fans, sponsors and media alike. Creative credit: Emily Wallace, Graphics Lead, TWF

2011: A second year in the Philadelphia market warranted a continuation of the 2010 campaign in order to build on the brand equity we had begun to establish the previous year. Creative credit: Emily Wallace, Graphics Lead, TWF

2012: A dramatic look motivated by our move back to Congressional had two goals: communicate the real difference the purchase of tickets provides in the lives of kids and to promote national pride with the spotlight on Tiger. Creative credit: Emily Wallace, Graphics Lead, TWF

2013: With Tiger as our defending champion, we were insistent on motivating our spectators to experience the excitement and energy a winning Tiger brings to the course firsthand — giving rise to the genesis of our tagline, “Live it.” Creative credit: Emily Wallace, Graphics Lead, TWF

2014: Finally we arrive at present day. The juxtaposition of nostalgic screen print style graphics coupled with real photo imagery speaks well to both the Americana history of the tournament and a new era ushered in by 2014 title sponsor Quicken Loans. Creative credit: Emily Wallace, Graphics Lead, TWF