March 19, 2018

March Volunteer of the Month: Desi Gonzalez


Desi Gonzalez Volunteer at TGR Foundation

Many of our TGR Learning Lab volunteers are former student members who want to give back to our programs and invest in the next generation of students. This month, we would like to recognize one of our former TGR Learning Lab students who is looking to do just that. We are proud to recognize Desi Gonzalez as March Volunteer of the Month!

Desi began his journey with us more than six years ago when he enrolled in the Robotics Expanded Learning class as a seventh grader. He stayed with our program through high school, taking learning lab classes like College Bound and High Flying Forces.

Desi is now a TGR Learning Lab alumnus, nearing the end of his first year as a college student at Cypress College. Because he loved his experience as a student and simply wanting to give back to the TGR Learning Lab, he started volunteering with us last June.

During his time here, Desi has connected well with our instructors and students, particually with the kids enrolled in the Video Game Design course. He is always willing to help, no matter how small the task may seem, and Desi is always encouraging students to pursue more and go beyond what they limit themselves to.

He pushes the people around him to keep trying and live without having regrets. Desi is making a difference at the TGR Learning Lab and we are excited to see how he will continue to impact our programs and students.

Please join us in congratulating Desi Gonzalez as March Volunteer of the Month!

If you are an advocate for education and enjoy investing in young people, consider volunteering at the TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, Califfonia. For more information please contact Hope Enyart or visit

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