January 23, 2015

Golf: Curriculum for education and life

The golf program at Tiger Woods Learning Center utilizes golf as a vehicle to complement the enrichment program offered to our members. Students in the golf program build self-confidence and develop positive character traits while learning the game in a safe, supportive environment.

At the Tiger Woods Learning Center, golf is so much more than learning to drive, chip and putt. TWLC’s Senior Golf Manager, Roman Gonzales, explains the importance of the game to our students’ skills on and off the golf course.

What golf programs are offered at TWLC this term?

Roman Gonzales: The TWLC golf programs offered early in the school year are designed for students to prepare for their high school golf season and local junior golf tournaments and leagues. We typically offer our “Under-Par Golf Class,” which emphasizes on the short game, and our “Smooth Swings Class,” which focuses on the long game. We make these sessions available to prepare students for the rigors of competitive tournament play. 

What ages are welcome?

RG: TWLC golf programs are for students in grades 5-12. We also have 5-9 year old golf instruction course called “Super Junior Series” that has been a huge hit!

What is your top priority to teach students?

RG: Along with developing the fundamentals of golf — putting, chipping, pitching, bunker play and the full-swing — we place a strong emphasis on honesty, integrity and sportsmanship in our members. By instilling these characteristics our members will carry themselves as ambassadors of this great game as they are the future of golf. 

What is your proudest moment in the TWLC golf program?

RG: It’s easy to recognize our members who earn golf scholarships, as we had two of our members receive them last week. What makes me equally proud is when students return back to the TWLC for more classes. Additionally, when they register for a new class and bring two more friends with them — because of the awesome experience they have here — that’s the best! It makes me proud to know I am contributing to the development of their futures.

How do the lessons learned on the golf course translate to everyday life?

RG: Golf is about making adjustments. Making good decisions. Playing the percentages that are in your favor. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses. Perseverance. Humility. Respect. These are all things that are important in life. By playing golf and learning these important life lessons, our students are transformed into beings that only the game of golf can foster. 

To learn more about the golf programs offered at the Tiger Woods Learning Center visit our website.