January 14, 2015

CEO Corner: Happy new year

Happy New Year! 

I had the honor to meet our Earl Woods Scholarship Program students during this year’s Winter Workshop at the Tiger Woods Learning Center in Anaheim, California. Meeting many of them for the first time, I saw very clearly how the Tiger Woods Foundation impacts young lives. 

Our 17 graduating scholars — as well as those who came before and will come after — are the most impressive young adults you will ever meet. I feel the same way when I spend time with our younger students attending sessions at our seven Tiger Woods Learning Centers. 

At the Winter Workshop, as each graduate told his or her story, I couldn’t help but think that without your support, their incredible potential may never have been realized. It really drove home the importance of what we do at the foundation, as well as the opportunity ahead of us.

Many of you have asked about my vision for our foundation. Our vision comes from our founder, Tiger Woods, who has a very clear view of where we need to go. Given the power of what we do and the talent of our staff, we really have a moral obligation to expand our education programs to more kids everywhere.  

That is our vision, and it is a great and ambitious one. We want to improve the lives of millions of kids around the world through education. 

Easy to say, but not simple to do. 

To get there, we’re developing a five-year plan that takes our incredible work and expands it to the world in new ways.

I know we wouldn’t have a shot at such an ambitious vision without your support. We are truly appreciative of your contributions, and we are looking forward to working with you as we expand our impact. Thanks for all that you have done with us; we are excited to share our journey with you in 2015 and beyond.

Rick Singer 
President & CEO
Tiger Woods Foundation