November 10, 2014

Five perks of dorm life

My first impression of move-in day was horrible. My room was as tiny as a walk-in closet. There was an overflow of students this year, and my college was forced to transform single rooms into “temporary” doubles. Of course, it wasn’t temporary. My disappointment, though, quickly turned into relief and happiness after I met my roommate and the rest of my suite. 

There are at least five top perks of living in a dorm:

1. New friendships: I’ve met some of the most caring, genuine and funniest people all under the same roof — one of which is my roommate. Sharing a room with someone else can be awkward, but if it’s someone you trust and share the same sense of humor with, it’s like an extended sleepover.

2. Sharing food: I get along with most of the girls in my suite, and I confess I have more than an adequate amount of food supply for the entire year. My friends aren’t selfish, and I’m thankful because I’m never hungry.  

3. Boredom is unacceptable: College is a busy time for everyone, but on those Friday nights when I’m taking a breather, I do something spontaneous with my suitemates! Sometimes, it’s a movie night and other times, it’s a girl’s night out. 

4. Independence is golden: I miss my family terribly sometimes, and I have bad days when I want to take the Amtrak home and stay there but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy living on my own. I’ve become a lot more responsible, as well as grateful because I don’t have my parents telling me what choices to make anymore. Although it was easier having my mom guide me, it feels amazing deciding on my own now.

5. Convenience: Living on campus means everything is at your fingertips! I don’t have to drive anywhere or walk too far. It’s a 10-minute walk to the gym, and I have a small grocery store right next to my residential hall. There’s a post office in the middle of campus and UCSD rests between a shopping mall and the beach. I live in a community, and I love it. 

I don’t have a desk, and I barely have room to fit all my things, yet I don’t think I could be happier living anywhere else. Living away from home is the opportunity to be creative and make the best of it.