November 06, 2014

Beat those mid-semester blues

Each semester I spend in college seems to go by faster and faster. I get lucky that my school has both fall break and spring break to divide the respective semesters in half, making the semesters seem less overwhelming. In case, however, you don’t have these breaks — or just get mid-semester blues — here are five tips on how to keep motivated all semester long!

1. Create something to look forward to

Weekends are always something to anticipate, but between classes, research and the swim team, my weekdays are always fully packed. I make plans for Saturday nights and Sundays: small getaways to the city, a meal out with friends or even a small shopping trip, to keep me motivated during the week. Simply thinking about what fun lies ahead makes me want to get my work done because it takes me one step closer to my plans!

2. Make a realistic schedule and stick to it

We’ve all been there — creating a work schedule that crams everything we need to do in a span of a couple of hours. While this works for some, most of us work best in chunks of work time, divided by some rest. Knowing how you accomplish efficiency is the key to staying motivated throughout the semester. Dividing up the work into blocks not only makes it more plausible to do, but also makes the tasks less daunting.

3. Find a support group

There are friends you surround yourself with because they are fun and know how to have a good time. That does not necessarily mean, however, that they are always the best people for work time. It is a good idea to know which friends are most helpful and encourage you to work hard as much as you play hard. Once you do, try to make study dates or study groups so you are held accountable for getting work done.

4. Designate a place where you can do nothing but work

It is also equally as important to know where you work best. Find a quiet space in the library, an empty classroom, or even a local coffee shop to get away from distractions — both personal and social.

5. Reward yourself!

Finally, remember to reward yourself for every little accomplishment. Finished your homework on schedule? Reward yourself by watching that new episode of “Grey’s Anatomy.” Got an awesome score on the midterm you studied so hard for? Allow yourself an hour of playing the new NBA 2K15. Whatever it may be, reward yourself for the hard work you do, because you deserve it!