June 12, 2018

Expanded Learning Summer Academy continues STEM education

Summer has arrived for students in the Anaheim Union High School District, but as textbooks close, possibilities open for junior high students engaging in STEM for a week this summer at the TGR Learning Lab.

Offering two weekly sessions, nearly 120 students had an opportunity to enroll in a STEM class of their choosing, including Mobile Applications, DIY Chemistry, Robotics Engineering and Comparative Zoology. Our instructors developed engaging lessons, guiding students through hands-on activities such as animal dissection, mobile app design, bridge building and more!

The Comparative Zoology session went under the skin of various mammals and reptiles, allowing students to learn about body systems through virtual and hands-on dissections. Each day, young learners explored different parts from the skin and blood to the respiratory, nervous and circulatory systems. Students rolled up their sleeves and took out their scalpels to dissect a range of specimens including mackerels, frogs, snakes and rats and even had the opportunity to study organs such as sheep brains, hearts and cow eyes.

Future chemical engineers and lab technicians explored lab safety and chemical versus physical reactions in the DIY Chemistry class. With their safety goggles in place, students had a chance to apply the principles of chemistry through various experiments, such as burning Cheetos to measure calories, making their own ice cream and creating their own scented, soapy bath bombs!

From sketches to construction, students enrolled in the Robotics Engineering course were introduced to structural engineering, bridge design and engineering design. Our budding builders even designed, coded and controlled their own moving EV3 robotic vehicles.

Instructors also engaged participants in the computer science behind technology in the Mobile App session, which covered mobile app design, the differences between computer and mobile apps, what makes a good video game and related academic programs and careers.

After a week at the TGR Learning Lab students enrolled in the summer academy will add more than sand and sun to their memories this year as they carry with them experiences and knowledge about the possibilities of STEM studies and careers.

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