January 18, 2019

Earl Woods Scholar Andres Guerrero Reflects on Journey to College Graduation

Andres addressed the audience with humor and immense gratitude for everyone who impacted his experience at the TGR Learning Lab from the facilities manager to the academic support staff.

A few short weeks ago, our ninth annual Earl Woods Scholar Program Winter Workshop brought together nearly 80 scholars from coast to coast. Among them was New York University senior Andres Guerrero, who gave a heartfelt speech at the graduation celebration luncheon, a hallmark of the Winter Workshop.

The class of 2019 spent their final Winter Workshop as college students reflecting on their time in the program and bonding with members of their cohort.

Andres, who will leave NYU armed with a bachelor’s degree in political science, became part of the Earl Woods Scholar Program as a junior in high school. An Anaheim, California native, his deep-seated love for his community and unrelenting dedication to seeing his city and state thrive led him to internships with the Mayor’s office at Anaheim City Hall and the Chicano Latino Youth Leadership Project in Sacramento.

After sharing on his experience and plans for the future at the annual graduation luncheon, Andres stopped for a photo with “T Dub.”

“It was a great eye opening experience,” Andres shares about his internship at City Hall. “It made me realize the power and potential that proper, honest and courageous political representation can have. It also made me more aware of the obstacles and challenges to enact change in Anaheim.”

Although Andres his studies took him to New York, he loves his community in Anaheim and is one of four Orange County scholars in the class of 2019.

“Andres has always been an independent voice in the crowd, an activist and a doer of good,” said Cristina Fernández, Senior Director of the Earl Woods Scholar Program. “This was apparent from the initial interview during the Earl Woods Scholar selection process when he was an 11th grader. Throughout his journey as a student at NYU these qualities only amplified. I am excited to see where this next phase takes him.”

With an eye toward a possible fellowship program, for Andres, life after NYU will undoubtedly include local politics, advocacy and community organizing – all areas where his passion lives.


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