April 13, 2016

Announcing STEM Studio: Teacher’s edition

Imagine a place where creativity and innovation are paramount; where teachers take on the role of students, delving into hands-on STEM activities. A place where inquiry-based learning leads to real-world applications; where like-minded educators gather to collaborate and take risks. This is STEM Studio: a week-long immersion in STEM education based on the award-winning educational philosophy from the Tiger Woods Learning Center. 

This summer, we are inviting Southern California teachers to explore strategies that will enhance their curricula and prepare their students for careers in STEM. Teachers will experience a blend of pedagogy and hands-on applications to build their confidence in delivering powerful STEM projects for their students.

“We are excited to be offering two free week-long trainings for fourth-ninth grade teachers this summer at the Tiger Woods Learning Center in Anaheim. They will participate in a number of hands-on, project-based activities and experience STEM through a student’s perspective,” said Gyla Bell, TWLC’s senior director of programs. 

Dr. Kathy Bihr, Tiger Woods Foundation’s vice president of programs and education, stresses the importance of equipping our educators with the necessary tools needed to reach young minds.

“Effective teaching requires that educators have content knowledge, access to resources and the confidence to deliver lessons,” Bihr explained. “STEM Studio provides all of this, and more.”

From July 25-29, upper elementary school teachers will participate in a wide variety of innovative STEM workshops, including Mousetrap Vehicles, Robotic Arm and Ice Creamistry. However, in addition to STEM training, teachers will have the opportunity to see how TWLC teaching strategies are applied in various classroom settings. Through student and classroom observations, teachers will learn how to apply TWLC strategies in their own classes, and will be provided the time to brainstorm with one another and share ideas on how to modify their current lesson plans.

Similarly, from July 18-22, secondary teachers will participate in a variety of professional development workshops, such as Power of Chemistry and Solid Fuel Rockets, to name a few. In Video Game Design, teachers will create a mini-game using Clickteam Fusion 2.5 software. The workshop will highlight the basics of programming logic, allowing teachers to familiarize themselves with if-then conditional statements. What’s more, teachers will leave with their own personally designed video game, which they can play at home.

David Tong, senior manager of student support services, along with the TWLC instructional staff, has been working diligently to organize and provide participating teachers a hands-on and relevant experience during the STEM Studio week.

“We’ve taken the best activities and workshops from our TWLC curricula and will be engaging teachers through inquiry and project-based learning,” Tong said. “Not only will they be able to grow in their own classroom practices, but they’ll also have opportunities to collaborate ideas and lessons with other like-minded teachers attending STEM Studio.” 

Ready to design, innovate, and collaborate? Take your first step by filling out the STEM Studio application today.

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