September 26, 2016

TWF’s All-Star VPs

Providing exceptional work requires working with exceptional people. Here at the Tiger Woods Foundation, we are fortunate to have a team of stellar VPs who have made it their personal and professional mission to help students reach their full potential. Whether they execute our many events and fundraisers, cultivate relationships with donors and sponsors, oversee our business development or develop and implement new curriculum, our VPs are opening doors for thousands of students. Get to know these leaders and learn why they love doing what they do!

Mike Antolini: Vice President, Championships

“I am motivated each day by the power of ‘we’ and the belief that our efforts producing world class golf tournaments play an important role advancing the Tiger Woods Foundation mission. Working at TWF is rewarding because there is always a new challenge ahead waiting to be transformed into an opportunity. No two days are alike and, while busy, we are able to keep things fun. Our team is devoted and our supporters are passionate, which is a powerful combination that makes TWF a special organization.”

Michelle Bemis: Vice President, Events and Business Development

“Here at the Tiger Woods Foundation, we simply do not believe in limits. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to create exceptional experiences. We set high standards and truly strive for excellence in everything we do. Within my role, I have the pleasure of traveling globally to create unique experiences that provide our guests with memorable life moments. Through an experiential approach to our tournaments and events, we find new ways of connecting people and creating dynamic interactions. We have a diverse and skilled team of innovators that continuously exceed the expected. The event team specializes in creative thinking and quickness of mind. A group of tacticians and problem solvers that constantly progress the plan and make strategic adjustments. I truly believe we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. We’re continuously evolving, looking towards the future, scanning for change and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible — all to create transformative environments that produce the ultimate experience. Such a big part of curating experiences is anticipating what comes next, connecting the dots and creating the future. Ultimately though, while I’m always proud to look back at what we’ve accomplished over the years, it’s the future of TWF that really excites and motivates me daily. Knowing what I do every day contributes to helping young people thrive is the most rewarding part.”

Kathy Bihr: Vice President, Programs and Education

“I love working for the Tiger Woods Foundation because creativity and innovation are not only encouraged, but cultivated in spirit and action. All that we do is focused on the students and families we serve. I love talking to our scholars and students and hearing about their journeys. Some have families who have risked everything so that they were given the chance to achieve their dreams. Others are setting out on a new course for their life that has yet to be charted. Their optimism and excitement fuels my desire to support them in every way possible. While we all work hard to match the energy and commitment of our students and scholars, I have come to learn of the importance of including the community in our planning and research. Our initial relationships with key school and university leaders continue to help us stay current and relevant. Moreover, it sends a message that success is a community effort; it isn’t about one person or organization having all of the answers. Ultimately, though it’s never been lost on me that TWF programs have the potential to dramatically impact the life of our student members and their families. I am motivated by this notion and strive every day to make decisions that give our constituents the best chance to find success in their academic and personal lives.”

Michelle Kim: Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

“Have you met my Boss, Tiger Woods? He’s a badass. To work and learn from a legend and a true iconoclast is a privilege. During my tenure at the Tiger Woods Foundation for the past 13 years, I’ve learned to create and shape a job that combines my interest and aptitude, apply my professional acumen in strategic planning and meet interesting people from all walks of life while gaining valuable skills and traveling across the globe. I’ve developed meaningful relationships with fri-ents (friends/clients) as well as learned from those around me. My role has taught me to never be complacent, to be civic minded, socially responsible and to always be curious. I seek to understand, not to be understood, as ambiguity can be the root of innovation. And at my core, I’m always striving to be a loving Mom, a supportive spouse and a compassionate human being. When in doubt, I ask ‘WWGD’ — What Would [my] Grandma Do?”

Jin Thatcher: Vice President, Operations and Administration

“I often tell people that I do not have a job, I have a career that is honorably extraordinary. It’s vastly different from my beginnings at two Fortune 500 companies. Working within the non-profit industry, it takes a different kind of diligence and persistence to help others see the impact of educational reform. But as the saying goes, no job is too big or too little. It’s all important. In my role, I oversee most policies and financials, and this means I assist or experience various escalations, which lead to organizational improvements. I am hopeful that I am making someone else’s day a little better by helping to find a resolution. My role has taught me to be patient, flexible and forward-thinking. Each day I am eager about which list or project I am going to conquer. I have a desire to be highly productive and see the results of my labor, and I love being appreciated by others while climbing high. However, my drive to achieve results isn’t limited to my work within TWF. I bring my passion to any new project I’m working on, household tasks at hand and every single moment and memory I create with my delightful family. Hopefully, those who are close to me can interpret my high energy as my way of persuading a can-do spirit! Personally speaking, having been a first generation student to graduate from college (with immigrant parents and no college experience) and growing up with a disadvantaged life, the work of the Tiger Woods Foundation hits my internal core — deeply. I come to the office everyday feeling so appreciative and lucky to contribute my part to the foundation’s commitment to education.”

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