April 03, 2015

TWF CEO participates in curriculum at Tiger Woods Learning Center

TWF CEO Rick Singer visited with students at the TWLC in Anaheim, Calif., during a week long forensic science workshop. See what he learned about crime scene investigations.

Two schools from the Anaheim City School District participated in a week-long TWLC-OC Forensic Science program. Rick Singer, president and CEO of the Tiger Woods Foundation, got his hands dirty as he joined two fifth-grade classrooms to analyze evidence and investigate how crime scene investigators solve crimes.

Analyzing hair and fiber

Many crimes that involve physical contact involve the transfer of hair and/or fiber from one location to another. Rick is using a microscope to analyze the difference between natural and manufactured fibers, which is used to determine the clothing of multiple suspects.


Chromatography is used in crime labs to separate the components of substances collected as evidence found at the scene of a crime. In this experiment, Rick is analyzing ink that was left on a ransom note to determine the brand it came from. The matching results, together with handwriting analysis, can later determine the suspect that left the note at the crime scene.


Rick ended the morning exploring new strategies in full swing dynamics and worked on proper club head path to promote greater distance and accuracy in his irons.