April 24, 2018

Tips for hosting a live-draw Pro-Am pairings party

Playing in a pro-am is a true experiential differentiator that only golf can offer. For one day, you live life as a pro on and off the course highlighted by 18 holes with a PGA TOUR star on a championship course. Every year, TGR Live hosts pro-am pairing parties at the tournaments we run. The guest experience starts at these parties that take place the evening prior to the big day. Mike Antolini hosting the live-draw Genesis Open Pro-AM pairings party

Hosting a pairings party takes a certain level of enthusiasm and personality. From opening up the evening with a Q&A featuring a TOUR pro, to commanding the room during the live draw when teams pick their professional playing partners, it is no wonder that guests leave the room excited for their pro-am experience the next day.

We asked Vice President of Championships, Mike Antolini, who serves as our pairings party host, to share with us three tips for everyone to adopt when hosting a live-draw pairings party.

Tip #1: Set the tone

The pairings party is our first touchpoint for pro-am guests and it’s critical that we kick off the multi-day experience in a big way. With everything, we think ‘guest-first.’

Tip #2: Keep it moving

Everyone’s time is important, and we keep that in mind throughout the evening. Our program is intentionally brief, so our guests are engaged the entire time; there is no need to make the program last for hours. By ending with the 30-second live draw, it keeps the event exciting and allows for things to move quickly.

Tip #3: Bring the energy

Golf can be known for its peaceful and serene setting. We try to flip that notion on its head at our pro-am parties through an energetic and fast-paced live draw.


If you have any interest in being part of our Pro-Am experiences, visit TGRLive.com to learn more about the different opportunities at each of our tournaments.