October 17, 2016

Tiger’s inspirational speech to staff about the next chapter

On Sept. 9, 2016, Tiger assembled his entire staff at the TGR Learning Lab in Anaheim, California, for a first-ever Townhall. The purpose was clear: to bring everyone together to hear from him directly about TGR and its future. In addition to Tiger’s keynote speech, staff participated in a Q&A, workshops and a cocktail reception. Below is what Tiger shared with the TGR staff.   

Hi, everyone. Thanks so much for being here today. 

It’s such a momentous occasion to have us all together in one room for the first time. I see some new faces out there. I really look forward to meeting each one of you. 

I also see some of the old guard who have been with me since the beginning. Thanks so much for your commitment and hard work. Everything we’ve done, and everything we’re about to do, is thanks to you. 

It’s been awhile since I was last here in my hometown, where it all started. It’s great to be back. 

I remember playing here in high school matches and being hit by balls so many times that our team came out wearing hard hats in one match and still got hit!

And that’s exactly what I want to talk to you about: coming back. 

To clarify, I have not been lounging around watching “Caddyshack” and playing video games. Well, maybe not the video games. I thought I was damn good at Call Of Duty until I went online and was beaten by 7 year olds around the world. 

Which brings me to my point. It’s just the opposite. I’ve been working harder than ever with a focus on our future. And there are some very exciting things I want to share with you. 

So, the answer is yes … I am coming back. 

But here’s the thing, I’m not just coming back to the sport I love. I’m coming to lead us into our next and greatest chapter yet. 

Chapter 2. 

Today is a new day. From this point on you are not employees, and I am not our CEO; we are all one team. One family. 

I am here because you’ve always believed in me. And you are here because, like me, you believe in excellence. 

And, you continue to demonstrate your excellence to the utmost. 

We share a common mindset: one that is always striving. Even when I was No. 1 in the world, I never stopped pushing to be better. 

And no, I’m not done yet pushing to be better!

I see this excellence in our method: pushing beyond our limits and raising standards along the way. 

And this excellence is evident in the mastery we have achieved and will continue to achieve. 

In 20+ years, we’ve helped 145,000 students through our learning centers, 149 Earl Woods scholars who have a 98 percent graduation rate, a benefit concert in Vegas, four golf tournaments, three of which are PGA TOUR events. And we’ve raised more than $148 million for the foundation. This has allowed us to help kids achieve their dreams, which is awesome. But you know what? Now we’ll reach millions. 

We’ve built innovative, player-friendly golf courses that have changed perceptions; and now we’ll change the game.

We’ve brought people together to share great meals and special memories at our restaurant; now we’ll spread that mission outside of Jupiter, Florida. 

In the months ahead, we’ll make it clear that true excellence — our kind of excellence — never fades. 

We don’t have to wear red on Sundays. But we play to win in all we do. This is our legacy. This is our future. This is TGR.

TGR is what I’ve been working so hard to capture over the past year: a brand identity and strategy for all of our ventures, including ones still to come. 

TGR is bigger than my name, yet is still connected to each of us. What you see here is more than just a logo; it’s the symbol of our future: a mark that proudly shows our mission and beautifully tells our story to the world. 

Three triangles signify our mindset, method and mastery. And when you look closer, you see that the mark reveals more than what’s on the surface. 

Do you guys see the W? The tiger’s paw? Its stripes? And the abstract ‘Woods’? 

Even three trees because I’ve been known hit into them — my last name is Woods after all.

The mark shows that we’re always focused. We’ll keep elevating what we do, day in and day out, across all of our various businesses. 

It stands tall no matter what. We are all TGR, thinking and behaving as one. 

What you see here is more than just a brand. It’s more than just the letters. And it’s certainly more than me. 

We’ve always been the first to show up in everything that we do. And now, the TGR family of brands will ensure that we are the last to leave. To leave an impact. To leave our mark. To leave our legacy. 

The foundation will uphold its commitment to helping kids succeed no matter what. Discovery Education will take us around the world, now under the name TGR EDU. And every day, unexpected champions will walk through these doors — as they will in DC, Quantico, Philadelphia and Stuart — now known as the TGR Learning Labs. 

We’ll remain focused on creating golf courses that are fun and playable. Courses designed to bring families and friends together. Courses filled with strategy and shot options. Courses that bring our vision to life as TGR Design. 

The Woods will continue to raise the bar in fine dining, bringing its signature style to more markets around the country and the world. 

And our events team will produce even more remarkable experiences in and around everything we do — now as TGR LIVE. 

For me, this means an even deeper, more serious and more visible commitment to our future and the changes that will come along the way. 

And for all of you, this means new opportunities to grow and to lead.

I know for some of you, change can be tough. I’ve sure learned that over the last few years!  

But I’ve also learned that embracing change opens us up to transformation.

With one subtle change to my grip, my swing successfully changed.

Again. And again. And even a few more times after that.

Today — right here and right now — we stand at our moment of transformation. 

Will you take this next step with me? Carry this flag with me? Because I can’t do it alone and I wouldn’t want to. 

We’ve come so far, we’ve built this together, and I’m proud to call you my teammates. 

And I’m thrilled to take this journey with you, together. Thank you.