April 05, 2016

Tiger will attend Champions Dinner at Augusta National

“Despite not playing in the tournament, I really wanted to attend this year’s Champions Dinner. There are a lot of close, longtime friends in that room. 

“I remember after winning in 1997, how nervous I was to stand up and speak at the dinner in front of an amazing group of players. I was actually shaking, but everyone made me feel welcome. To be in the same room as Arnie, Jack, Gary, and before that Mr. Nelson, Mr. Snead and Mr. Sarazen, is an incredible honor.

“I’m really looking forward to tonight and talking golf, giving each other a hard time and celebrating Jordan’s 2015 win.
“Like I said last week, I’m doing better and making progress, but unfortunately, still not physically ready to play. I look forward to being out there again as soon as I can.”