June 26, 2017

TGR Learning Lab Tent Heads to Quicken Loans National


At the Quicken Loans National golf tournament, which benefits the Tiger Woods Foundation, children and families are encouraged to swing by the TGR Learning Lab Youth Activity Zone for some fun, engaging activities designed for young people of all ages.  The TGR Learning Lab Youth Activity Zone will be easily accessed directly across from The Yard and the driving range.

Activities at the tent will include hands-on projects and challenges in S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) as well as an augmented-reality experience that will have guests explore a variety of higher-education opportunities. The goal of the TGR Learning Lab Youth Activity Zone is to expose young people to S.T.E.M. in unique ways and help them envision future careers in those fields.


Each activity will highlight projects done at TGR Learning Labs across the country and resources available on the website TGREDUExplore.org.

Circuitry 101: Guests will explore electronics and circuitry in new ways by completing a host of circuitry challenges. Using exploratory and investigative learning, guests will learn how electrons travel from a battery, through conductors and along switches, all in an effort to make light bulbs glow.

Light It Up: Participants will discover the innovative world of 3-D printing and take home their very own 3-D printed flashlight. Each young person will receive a battery, an LED light and a mold printed from a 3D printer before constructing a mini-flashlight that can fit onto a keychain.  Nearby computers will demonstrate how the molds were printed, in addition to displaying the software that was used to draft them.

Tower Challenge: This challenge is simple: the tallest tower wins! Guests will learn about engineering and put their building skills to the test. Each tower will be built using only wooden cubes, craft sticks and plastic cups.

Buoyancy Challenge: Similar to the Tower Challenge, this activitiy will have participants build a structure that can float while holding as much weight as possible.  Prizes will be awarded to whoever can create the best boat!

Discovering Pi: Pi is universal, but do you know how mathematicians derived the number?  Guests will use old-school techniques to find pi, then compare their findings by charting their new discovery.  This activity will help young people – and people of all ages – understand where the number 3.14 comes from!

College Blueprint: Using augmented-reality software, guests, after taking a digital survey to explore the types of college campuses that most suit their personalities, will see various colleges and universities come to life on a digital screen.

We hope you bring your entire family to the TGR Learning Lab Youth Activity Zone, open Thursday – Sunday!

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