July 05, 2017

Super Junior Golf Camp in Full Swing!

Super Junior

The TGR Learning Lab’s Golf Department hosted its annual Super Junior Golf Camp on June 19-23 this year and it did not disappoint. In our 5th year since inception, the Super Junior Golf Camp exposes the great game of golf in a safe, nurturing environment. This year, 60 Super Junior students ages 5 to 4th grade were introduced to the game of golf through innovative drills and exercises promoting proper golf fundamentals.

The Super Junior Golf Camp’s core objective is to assist and support the physical development of young students where, at this age, can be learned at an accelerated rate.  This “window of opportunity” creates success in a student’s growth physically and mentally and can positively impact other areas of their life.  We emphasize developing large and fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, concepts of mobility/stability and fundamental movement skills such as: skipping, hopping, shuffling and other foot coordination which translates to great golf motions but mostly all around healthy, athletic students.

Students also learned how much science plays a role in the game of golf. They found out that the putting stroke resembles a pendulum in that it swings equidistant on both sides of the ball during the stroke. They learned how the golf swing is a sequencing of levers with the arms and wrists and how the lower body initiates the levers. By creating the scientific analogy to golf motions, students can find a deeper connection to science through golf as the principles can be applied in almost every shot in the game.

In my five years of running the Super Junior Golf Camp I have witnessed growth in our members. Not just in golf but in life. This is the reason I love this golf camp so much! A parent just told me last week, “My son has more confidence now around other students and is more outgoing because of your camp! He hasn’t stopped talking about camp.”

Not only do we make sure students are successful in learning the golf fundamentals of putting, chipping, pitching and full swing, we make sure to instill the traditions of the game like honesty, integrity and sportsmanship. We make students aware of their abilities and provide steps for success that are easy to retain and apply. Yes, we want the students to chip it close and tap it in for a par…but we are most proud of the final handshake with our hats off and a “Nice Match!”  at the end of the round.

Fun Facts

2                     Hours a day

5                     Days a week

58                   Pitch shots made into a trash can 🙂

60                   Golf ball magnets made

487                 8 ounce bottles water consumed

568                 Hole in ones (2-3 footers)

27,789            Golf balls hit

1                      Finger blister 🙁

Redefining what it means to be a champion.