November 16, 2016

It’s National Education Week: Give $20 for 20

We believe the great thinkers of our time will come from unexpected places. For 20 years, the Tiger Woods Foundation has helped equip scholars like Mariah Harrod with the ability to exceed any and all expectations. Be a champion of the unexpected and give $20 to support breakthrough student transformations!


“I want to be different than my peers. I want to be an example to others in my neighborhood that where you live does not limit your potential. Even if you live in a bad neighborhood, you can still succeed.”

Raised in Washington, D.C., Mariah Harrod has faced disappointment and hardship her entire life. There have been so many reasons and countless opportunities for her to give up, but that’s not Mariah. She’s not a quitter. For every obstacle that stood in her way, Mariah used it as a stepping stone to reach higher and fight harder. Her older brother, who was incarcerated for a time, was a living reminder of how her life could go so wrong if she didn’t find a way out of her neighborhood and into college.

With her acceptance to Penn State, Mariah became the first person in her immediate family to go to college. And despite the financial and academic hardships that came with college, Mariah never lost sight of her goal of graduating. While she experienced some unexpected detours along her journey through college, Mariah is a proud graduate of Baltimore’s Coppin State University. With the support of the Earl Woods Scholar Program, she persevered and worked tirelessly for her degree in psychology with a concentration in psychological services. Mariah currently works at the Department of Homeland Security and has her sights set on teaching. She can’t wait to re-enter the classroom as a teacher and remind kids just like her that nothing is ever out of reach if you work hard enough.

GIVE $20 FOR 20!