February 12, 2015

‘I’m so grateful to have the foundation in my life’

The College Prep Program focuses on 11th grade students in the Anaheim Union High School District. The program opens students to the option of attending small, private liberal-arts colleges. Tiger Woods Foundation staff supports students from junior to senior year and throughout college life.

Bryan Lara reflects on the benefits of the college prep program and the opportunities that have come out of it.

What is the greatest benefit of being part of the college prep program?

BL: One of the greatest benefits of being part of the college prep program would definitely be the support system between the staff and the cohort. Without them, I wouldn’t have been as successful with my college application process. They kept me motivated and determined, and have really helped me find the college that would best suit me.

Truth be told, without them I wouldn’t have found Kalamazoo College, which I’m currently attending, and absolutely love! It is a great fit for me, so I’m very grateful and honored to have them in my life to continue to be there for me as a support system.