December 21, 2016

Hexadyne Corporation makes first donation to TWF’s Unexpected Champions Fund

On the heels of the Tiger Woods Foundation’s 20th anniversary, we launched the Unexpected Champions Fund, a campaign aimed at raising $10 million by 2020 in support of breakthrough student transformations. TWF is proud to announce that Hexadyne Corporation is the campaign’s first major donor, generously contributing $1 million over the next five years. 

The Unexpected Champions Fund was built on the foundation’s history of building diverse communities committed to helping young people thrive. While golfer and philanthropist Tiger Woods is the foundation’s largest contributor, our impact grows, and the work is strengthened when we partner with others who share a dedication and passion for youth, education and the future. 

“We have plans for growth and impact that can only happen when we come together with the right partners,” said Rick Singer, president and CEO of the Tiger Woods Foundation. “We are so fortunate that Hexadyne and their CEO, Robert Sanchez, have agreed to work with us to support TWF’s future plans. Hexadyne brings to the table innovative STEM thinking that’s necessary to ensure that the kids we serve around the world have great futures.”

By supporting the Unexpected Champions Fund, Hexadyne, and future donors and sponsors, will bolster TWF’s ambitious five-year expansion plan. By 2020, the Tiger Woods Foundation will accomplish three goals that will inherently change the way students see themselves and their futures:

  1. Through our TGR Learning Labs, we will not only refine and improve our STEM-based programs, but we will also expand our teacher training as a means to reach more students. Two-hundred seventy thousand students will benefit from enhanced teaching practices after 5,000 teachers learn how to deliver quality STEM education. 
  2. We will double the number of scholars within the Earl Woods Scholar Program and secure an East Coast hub, allowing us to help twice as many low-income students graduate from college and break the cycle of poverty in their families. 
  3. Through an exciting new partnership with educational powerhouse Discovery Education and our new digital platform, TGR EDU: Digital, we will introduce our award-winning STEM curriculum and college-access programs to millions of students and teachers worldwide. 

“The Hexadyne team is proud to support the Tiger Woods Foundation and its dedicated efforts to bring STEM to the forefront of its education objectives,” said Robert Sanchez, CEO of Hexadyne Corporation. “TWF’s dedication to STEM is the key to providing students with the tools to succeed in the classroom, but this is just one part of the foundation’s multifaceted approach to enabling students for life. I have had the opportunity to visit the TGR Learning Lab and see firsthand what they are doing, and this is more than education. Tiger and his team are focused on developing the whole person, so they can excel in all aspects of life. This is why Hexadyne has partnered with the Tiger Woods Foundation and stands in support of the Unexpected Champions Fund.” 

Everything TWF has unleashed has been led by Woods’ clear vision to help students in need thrive in school, their communities and the working world. And together, with Hexadyne Corporation, the Tiger Woods Foundation is dedicated to the growth of this important work. The Tiger Woods Foundation thanks Hexadyne Corporation for their generosity and their commitment in investing in a better future. 

Champions of the unexpected for 20 years.