September 29, 2014

Help break the cycle of poverty

There’s an old African proverb that says it takes a village to raise a child. The Tiger Woods Foundation might not be a village, but since opening the first Tiger Woods Learning Center’s doors in 2006, the foundation’s teachers, administrators and support staff have created an environment that has allowed more than 100,000 hard-working children to develop skills needed to become leaders of tomorrow.

When Tiger founded the Tiger Woods Foundation with the help of his late father Earl, they did so with the goal of empowering young people so they could reach their highest potential.

Over the last eight years, the countless success stories involving young people associated with the Tiger Woods Foundation, its Learning Centers and Earl Woods Scholarship Program are tangible proof that the system works.

But in order for the foundation to continue its quest of giving every child an equal shot at success, it needs help — your help.

Support comes in many ways, but here are a few examples of how you can get involved.

Financial support

Education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. In the United States, one in five children live in poverty.

Donating to the Tiger Woods Foundation helps provide kids in need with the ability to receive the education necessary to break that cycle and to have the tools needed to succeed in life.

A donation of $100 covers the cost of after-school programming for a student, while a gift of $250 can give a Tiger Woods Foundation scholar the funds needed to buy books.

Even a smaller donation of $10 can provide transportation for one student to get to a Tiger Woods Learning Center.

Spreading the word

When students walk through the doors of a Tiger Woods Learning Center, an amazing array of classes and educational opportunities await them.

Teachers at the TWLC have developed an interactive and fun teaching philosophy that engages students in creative thinking, problem solving, team building and, most importantly, career exploration and college preparation.

Students have the opportunity to learn about careers, ranging from rocket scientist to veterinarian, and to tackle courses that will give them a leg up in their quest.

And did you know that teachers around the country can share this innovative curriculum with their own students in their classrooms?

Each month, the Tiger Woods Foundation website features a new lesson taken straight from the Learning Center curriculum that can be easily implemented in any classroom.

The lessons are based on the belief that teaching should be interactive and flexible. The STEM-focused (science, technology, engineering, math) subjects range from chemistry to robotics to marine science and beyond.

Letting your child’s teachers and school administrators know that they can share this innovative curriculum with their students helps spread the word out about the Tiger Woods Foundation and its efforts.

Military support

One of the Learning Center’s unique programs is the Summer Academy, where students are engaged in activities ranging from launching rockets to building robots and designing video games.

While the week-long academy is open to all kids, its primary purpose is to provide children from military families with an overnight camp experience.

Children from military families travel from bases around the world to attend the Summer Academy, thanks to a tuition scholarship program funded by generous individuals and corporations who are willing to provide funds as a way of saying thanks to our military heroes.

Provide opportunities

Another goal of the Tiger Woods Foundation is providing young people with real world experience in fields in which they have interest. 

The Earl Woods Scholarship Program offers students various higher-education opportunities, including an internship program that is designed to give students real-life work experience.

Do you own a company or just work for one that could provide an intern opportunity for an Earl Woods Scholar?

By doing so, you’re giving a talented young person a leg up in their quest of making a difference in the future.

Support a TWF event

As a non-profit, the Tiger Woods Foundation relies on fundraising to keep its doors open.

Throughout the year, the foundation has a series of fundraising events, that all help to provide the financial resources needed to keep its various programs running.

They include three PGA TOUR sanctioned tournaments: Quicken Loans National, Deutsche Bank Championship and the Hero World Challenge; Tiger Jam, a star-studded concert; the Tiger Woods Invitational and the Tiger Woods Charity Playoffs.

By going out with your family or friends and enjoying any of these events, you’re helping support the work of the Tiger Woods Foundation, ensuring deserving children around the country continue to get the chance to fulfill their dreams in life.