April 26, 2017

Happy Administrative Professionals Day!

To celebrate Administrative Professionals Day here at the Tiger Woods Foundation and to show our thanks, we’re pointing a spotlight on our amazing admin team. From coast to coast, these six women work hard to ensure that our day-to-day operations run smoothly. They are our backbone. Meet them all and learn why they are, without a doubt, unbreakable, unlimited and unorthodox!

Krista Lopez: Corporate Administrator

“I embrace the UNORTHODOX because it provokes critical thinking, inspiring advancement for individuals and society as a whole. I am fortunate to have had an UNORTHODOX academic journey because it helped me develop a strong understanding of what makes me happy both personally and professionally.”

Yvonne Tello: Senior Manager, Administration

“Even though life pulls you in so many ways, with work, home, family and even your social life, somehow I like to think I am UNBREAKABLE. Even though it’s exhausting and hard sometimes to balance it all, I find the strength and the energy to make it all work. I don’t let the craziness of life break me. I use it to make me stronger.”

Ashley Bedell: Project & Administrative Associate

“All the best things are labeled UNLIMITED – data, breadsticks and possibilities. The only thing that will prevent you for achieving your goals are the limits you set for yourself.”

Wendy Duran: Receptionist

“I chose the word UNLIMITED because I believe the possibilities are endless, we can set out who we want to be in life as long as we put in dedication.”

Brenda Reynoso: Receptionist

“There are no limits to persevering your dreams. There will be endless times one will want to give up, but with guidance, determination and consistency, everything is possible. One’s accomplishments are UNLIMIITED.”

Nancy Sanchez: Receptionist 

“The reason I am UNBREAKABLE is because I do not make myself solid. I bend with the ways of life and have a support system that will always be there for me.”

In addition, we’d like to give a warm welcome to our newest Tiger Woods Foundation team member, Megan Warnick.

A soon-to-be-graduate of Cal State Fullerton, Megan joined the foundation as an Administrative Assistant just this week and we are UNDENIABLY happy to have her on the team!