June 06, 2023

Growing with the Game: TGR Live highlights Senior Director of Golf, Events

From family foursomes to college athletics and six club championship titles, Lindsey Witham has grown through the game of golf. Along with many memories came lessons and relationships that shaped her life on and off the course. Witham’s professional career began with the PGA TOUR, where she worked as a tournament services coordinator, and led her to TGR Live. Over the last 18 years, she supported and built live events and golf tournaments from the Hero World Challenge to the Tiger Woods Invitational and most recently the TGR JR Invitational, all benefiting programs to empower youth.  

As we celebrate Women’s Golf Day, Witham shares more of her golf journey and the impact of the sport.  

Who inspired you to start and continue your journey in golf?  

Growing up both my parents played. My mom grew up playing with her parents, and she ended up introducing and teaching my dad the game when they were dating. It was always an activity that my parents did together, and when my brother and I were born they joined a golf course a few years later. Golf became something that initially I did with my dad; however, my mom was the biggest catalyst in keeping me in the game. She ran the junior golf program at our golf course, so even if my brother and I wanted to quit we didn’t have a choice because we had to go where mom was.   

I grew up watching Annika Sorenstam and Julie Inkster and loved everything they did for the game. I also love the fact they each have a family and are dedicated moms along with being huge advocates for the women’s game.  

What are the most valuable skills or lessons you’ve gained through the game? 

Golf has taught me a lot of different life lessons: goal setting, perseverance, honesty and respect, to name a few. All these things were lessons that were instilled in me through golf and really became part of who I am. Golf was where I was taught how you act when you play before I was ever told or shown how to swing a club. There is a certain level of respect that the game of golf teaches you at a young age.   

What tips would you give to girls or women who want to start playing? 

  1. Take lessons. Women sometimes have their partners or friends teach them the game. Make a commitment and sign up for actual lessons when you start the game. The key is to get a basic understanding of the fundamentals.   
  2. Learn the lingo. Like a lot of sports golf has its own language.  Take the time to brush up on how you score, the words that are used, what they mean, etc.  Before heading out on the course, the more of a base you have about how the game works the better.  
  3. Find a friend. Find a buddy to enjoy the game with.  Golf is more fun when you are playing with friends, and even better if it’s someone who is near the same skill level as you. I had a friend growing up that we were very competitive with each other but loved playing with each other. Our friendship was a huge factor in the two of us staying with the game when all the other girls were dropping golf and doing tennis or cheerleading.  Find a friend and learn to love the game with friends.   

What have been your favorite golf memories? 

Playing golf at The College of William and Mary and being a four-year member of the team and captain was by far the biggest highlight of my career. Being a part of the team and getting to play with many who are now lifelong friends was the best college experience I could ask for.  

What are you most proud of in your golf career?  

My greatest achievement outside of college is being a six-time club champion at our local club. This past year I won my sixth championship, 18 years after my last. To win again as a wife, and mom of two small children was a huge personal accomplishment and one that I am very proud of.  

Why do you think more women should get involved in the sport? 

Because it’s fun. Golf is a game that you can play for a long time and with anyone. Whatever stage of life you are in, golf is a game that you can play and be competitive with, if you choose. It’s a great way to spend time outdoors, connect with new people and challenge yourself to learn and improve. Golf is a lot cooler than it was when I was a little kid learning, and I just hope that with that comes more younger kids being exposed to it. It doesn’t need to be the game you dedicate your life to, but just like youth soccer, I wish golf one day becomes the game that the majority of people played at some point in their youth.  

What advice would you give to girls or women who are interested in playing golf? 

Do it. Why not?  Golf isn’t a game that should be intimidating to anyone. There is no age that is “too late.”  It’s an amazing way to meet friends, connect with colleagues, get some exercise and set goals for yourself. My goal in golf has always been to never turn down an invite and to not ever be scared to play with someone based on the status of my game or the thought I might not be good enough.  

In what golf careers would you like to see more women? 

I wish there were more female teaching professionals in the game. I was lucky enough to grow up in a course where the main teaching professional was a woman. There are a ton of jobs within the golf industry that are underrated. It would also be nice to see females getting more involved in agronomy and golf course design. More women everywhere! 

What are you most excited about in the next five years of golf? 

I’m most excited about my two young kids learning the game. I grew up in a family where all of our vacations included at least some family time on the golf course and that is something I am hoping to build with my family in the coming years. It’s a great way to stay connected as a family and an activity that you can all enjoy together.  

I hope the LPGA continues to grow and more collegiate tournaments are showcased on TV. 

As TGR Live continues to create unforgettable experiences, we’re proud to support women in the industry and on the golf course. For more information on upcoming events and ways to get involved, visit TGRLive.com.