April 27, 2016

Four stars for the Tiger Woods Foundation

With 20 years in the education game, the Tiger Woods Foundation has remained steadfast in its goal of educating and guiding future generations of innovators, creators and leaders. We strive for our own professional excellence so that we may deliver opportunities to our students that allow them to rise to their full potential. We set our business bar high so that our scholars may shine bright in this competitive marketplace. We push ourselves to surpass our own executive goals so that we can intrinsically impart on our kids the unrelenting drive required to be the catalyst for change in this world. 

The work we do has never been about accolades or recognition. Rather, our rewards come in the form of every college acceptance letter our students receive, every degree they earn, every dream job they land and every fellow citizen they help in return. Their achievements, in a way, are our achievements. However, every once in a while, it does feel good to get a pat on the back, to receive acknowledgment that we are in fact soaring ahead in the right direction. 

The Tiger Woods Foundation has been awarded a four-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s premier independent charity evaluator. This is the fourth consecutive year that the foundation has earned this top distinction, which applauds our sound fiscal management practices and commitment to accountability and transparency. With only 9 percent of charities awarded the rating four years in a row, we continue to set ourselves apart and outperform most other charities in America.   

We thank Charity Navigator for recognizing us and further bolstering our mission of unleashing the full capacity of students. While we celebrate our four-star rating, we know that the real stars are the students and scholars we encounter every day and throughout the years. 

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