July 18, 2014

Five reasons your kids will have more fun than you

1. Best seat in the house: Don’t you just hate when your favorite golfer is about to hit a shot and someone blocks your view? Well, your kids won’t have to worry about that! The championship offers front-row seats with unobstructed views, and these seats are separated into two sections — a front area for kids under 12 years old and a back section for older kids and their families. The Kids Zones are located on the first tee, ninth green, 10th tee, 16th green, 18th green and practice facility. You just can’t beat that view.

2. The perfect snack: Looking for a kid-friendly snack to curb your child’s appetite while on the grounds of TPC Boston? On the seventh and ninth greens, your child can grab some of their favorite snacks or lunch food, such as peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches and hot dogs, at the Kid-Friendly Concessions.  

3. Anything a kid could want: Adjacent to Spectator Commons and the TPC Boston clubhouse, the Kids Village is pretty much a kid’s dream come true. In addition to a moon bounce obstacle course, there are a myriad of other activities in the Kids Village that children of all ages can enjoy.

Oh, and I almost forgot ….

4. The Village Nine: That’s right! In Kids Village, there will be a nine-hole mini golf course open to all the kids attending the Deutsche Bank Championship. And, from what I’ve heard, it’ll be a challenge this year.

5. Bring ’em for free: If your child is 15 years old or younger, they have free grounds admission. Simple as that. You can’t beat free.

If you have your ticket, bring your children to the 2014 Deutsche Bank Championship (for free), so they can enjoy watching the PGA TOUR’s top 100 golfers, sneak in a few rounds of mini-golf, battle the moon bounce obstacle course and enjoy front-row views of all the action. But watch out … they may have more fun than you.