June 02, 2016

Earl Woods Scholars head to China

It was a little over a year ago at Tiger Jam 2015 that I had the pleasure of meeting Eric Yang, chairman of World Poker Tour’s parent company Ourgame. His passion for the youth we serve via our scholarship program was abundantly clear. Upon meeting Tiger at the Poker Night event and learning more about the Tiger Woods Foundation and the Earl Woods Scholarship Program, he felt inspired to support the foundation beyond a monetary donation.

Eric made the announcement at the start of Poker Night that Ourgame would sponsor a class of Earl Woods Scholars on a unique and life-changing experience visiting China. The plans and logistics have been in the works for a year now. The idea has evolved and grown into a plan for an all-expenses paid trip to China for 14 Earl Woods Scholars and two chaperones from the Tiger Woods Foundation. I am one of the lucky chaperones, excited to embark upon this journey with our scholars. It is an 11-day trip to Beijing and Shanghai.

Adam Pliska and Earl Woods scholars

The experience will provide our scholars with an opportunity to shadow their peers at the Beijing Language and Cultural University, intern for a day at three different Chinese businesses, immerse themselves in China’s rich history, culture and cuisine, as well as give back and support a local charitable initiative.

The trip will be very well documented. A photographer and film crew will travel with the group and capture moments from the tour. They will be posted on social media, and edited into a video for the scholars to remember their China trip for a lifetime. 

As our departure date draws near, these lucky scholars are buzzing with excitement and anticipation. Most have only flown a handful of times, let alone traveled internationally. So, we are thrilled by the generosity of Ourgame to provide our students with this priceless opportunity to expand their worldview.  

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