July 07, 2016

Can’t join us in NYC on Oct. 20? You can still help us celebrate

On Oct. 20, 2016, the Tiger Woods Foundation will celebrate its 20th anniversary at the iconic New York Public Library in New York City. Hosted by Tiger Woods, this Celebration of Unexpected Champions promises to be an incredible red-carpet event filled with celebrities, athletes and luminaries. With sought-after tickets and limited seating, space is selling out quickly. So for those who are unable to attend the celebration in person, we offer two meaningful ways to participate in the event and lend your support.

  1. Underwrite an Unexpected Champions table. This generous donation makes it possible for an additional group of foundation scholars, alumni, teachers and mentors to receive the chance of a lifetime to attend this historic anniversary event.
  2. Purchase a digital advertisement to share your congratulations and well wishes to Tiger Woods and the students served by the foundation. By investing in a digital ad, you or your business will receive online exposure leading up to the event, with the option to direct traffic to your website. Your ad will also be featured live at the 20th anniversary event to a room full of dignitaries.

For 20 years, the Tiger Woods Foundation has equipped students with the ability to exceed any and all expectations, and now it’s time to celebrate! If you can’t join us in New York on Oct. 20, don’t let that stop you from getting involved. With Tiger underwriting the entire evening, 100 percent of your support goes directly toward our ambitious expansion plan, which includes doubling the number of students attending college through the Earl Woods Scholarship; changing the way STEM is taught in our classrooms by training thousands of teachers around the country; and reaching millions of kids around the world with a digital learning platform.

For more information on the opportunities listed above, please contact TWF20@tigerwoodsfoundation.org or visit twfcelebration.org.

Champions of the unexpected for 20 years.