September 04, 2014

Break it down: Summer at the Tiger Woods Learning Centers

The hustle and bustle of the Tiger Woods Learning Centers (TWLC) extends beyond the school year, giving students even more opportunities to expand their STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) skills. This summer, TWLC students nationwide explored the worlds of robotics, zoology, golf club engineering, photography … need we say more?

Follow along as we break down the Tiger Woods Learning Center summer programs by the numbers:

TWF Summer Academy – A week-long academy that provides children primarily from military families with an overnight camp experience.

130 student participants

80 installations represented

19 states and Taiwan represented

Eight enrichment classes: rocketry, wearable graphics, alternative energy, comparative marine life, germology, beginning golf, swing analysis, club-making workshop

Six academy classes: comparative zoology, velocity racers, robotics, video game design, food science, fairway fundamentals

Four branches represented: Air Force, Army, Marines, National Guard and Navy

TWF High School Summer Academy – Students for this academy were selected through partnerships with schools nationwide and the Tiger Woods Foundation.

60 student participants 

50 students hail from Anaheim, Calif.

Six students are New York City natives

Six afternoon workshops: bloodology, cantilever bridges creation, golf club engineering, K’nex designs, smooth swings, West Point bridge designer

Five high school academy classes: biotechnology, mobile app design, structural engineering, Tetrix robotics

Four students came from Philadelphia

Three evening workshops: campus tours, college readiness seminars, talent show

Two traveled in from Washington, D.C.

TWLC-OC Summer Classes

950 students from Southern California

Nine career orientation classes: chemical madness, animal science, iProduction, robotics, video game design, astronomy, digital photography, graphic design, golf

Nine career exploration classes: zoology, going green, alternative energy, styling structures, NXT robotics, rocketry, power of chemistry, digital photography, golf

Two golf elements: Super Junior Golf Camp and a Super Junior Tournament where students tested their newfound skills in golf etiquette, decision-making, problem solving, putting, chipping, pitching and full swings.

TWLC-DC Summer Classes – For the first time, the Tiger Woods Foundation offered classes for students in Washington D.C., and Maryland at the TWLC-DC locations.

40 students per week

Nine career orientation and exploration classes: nutrition and fitness, green engineering, stop-motion animation, rocketry, NXT robotics, engineering: bridges, graphic design, video game design, velocity vehicles

Five weeklong summer sessions

Two campuses: TWLC Capitol Hill, TWLC Parkside

Finally …

ONE unforgettable summer filled with friendships and memories at the Tiger Woods Learning Centers, where students from varying backgrounds came together to explore novel interests.  

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