February 23, 2016

Anaheim has a new happiest place on Earth

Foundation board member Sandy Barry’s involvement with the Tiger Woods Learning Center began during her time as superintendent of the Anaheim School District. She worked closely with learning center staff during curriculum development to ensure it would meet the particular needs of local students. She watched as the facility was erected, excited about the opportunities it would bring to Anaheim youth. And she watched as the caring staff and engaging curriculum began changing the lives of her students.

“I believe that we instill in each child that comes here the desire to go to college,” Sandy said. “I know kids who never dreamed of going to school, but they’re now attending prestigious universities throughout the nation, studying to be doctors, teachers, lawyers, engineers. We — I believe — here at the Tiger Woods Learning Center, expose kids to possibilities that they never knew existed, certainly not for them. We really help create a brighter future for kids. I think Anaheim has a new happiest place on Earth.”

Hear Sandy’s take on what’s unique about the Tiger Woods Learning Center program and the direct impact she’s seen in students’ lives.

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