March 15, 2016

A strong partnership: Savanna School District & TWLC

The Tiger Woods Learning Center has such a positive impact on the youth it serves. Not only are students exposed to content they might not ordinarily encounter (for example, forensic science, robotics, aerospace and engineering), they learn these subjects in an interactive, hands-on environment from highly skilled and credentialed staff committed to the success of every child. 

The Savanna School District’s partnership with the Tiger Woods Learning Center allows our fifth-grade students the opportunity to explore careers in the sciences including interactive, teacher-directed science experiences targeting an engaging career. In their experience with Crime Lab 101, students donned lab coats and played the role of investigators. Through collecting and analyzing fingerprints and hair samples with DNA analysis, microscopes, fingerprinting and chromatography, students put clues together to solve a “crime.” Experiences with marine science careers included exploration of oceanic regions, squid dissection, analysis of sand samples and marine-life classification. Activities were delivered in a collaborative instructional context designed to build high self and team expectations and attitudes. This partnership truly allows our students access to enhanced hands-on experiences in science, technology and math!

While students are involved in career exploration classes, their teachers receive professional development. The TWLC provides professional development to teachers, enabling them to create innovative learning environments in their own classrooms, including hands-on science instruction, how to integrate technology into daily lessons and use of the 40 Developmental Assets framework in their classroom. The Savanna School District teachers look forward to their week-long professional development program each year with great anticipation. Not only are they able to create classroom presentations during their week at the TWLC, they continue to use their newfound tools in their instructional program. Their enthusiasm about the new tools is contagious, returning to their school sites to share with colleagues.

Additionally, our partnership with TWLC has expanded to include the next generation of teachers as they welcome our Summer Academy student teachers annually, providing them with the same high-quality professional development program.  

Our partnership with TWLC truly impacts the entire Savanna community as we work together to infuse STEM-related education in the curriculum, providing college and career readiness for our students, our teachers and the teachers of tomorrow.

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