July 19, 2016

A remarkable week of STEM innovation at Summer Academy

The Tiger Woods Foundation’s High School Summer Academy hosted 87 high school students from not only all around the United States, but the Czech Republic as well, to experience the life of a college student. In the evenings, these young people built lasting relationships by residing in the dorms at the University of California, Irvine, while participating in college-related workshops and activities. Their days were spent at the Tiger Woods Learning Center where they explored careers in project-based, hands-on classes such as biotechnology, DIY chemistry, engineering, mobile app design and TETRIX robotics. Here’s a look at their unforgettable week.

1 – Science experiment

Students participate in science experiment at Tiger Woods Learning Center Summer Academy

Students transformed an average snack into an explosive science experiment! 

2 – Golf club engineering

Golf club engineering class

Time for a quick photo op before their smooth swing activity in golf club engineering class.

3 – TETRIX robotics

Summer Academy students working with TETRIX robotics

These students had the opportunity to expand their career choices through first-time exposure to TETRIX robotics. 

4 – K-NEX

Students stack 30 books on K-NEX pieces

As if building a bridge with K-NEX pieces weren’t enough, these students took on the challenge of stacking as many as 30 books on top to test its strength!  

5 – Bloodology

Student examines DNA of a strawberry during a bloodology class

Unlike their typical school-room activities of PowerPoints and lessons, these students had the chance to get hands-on by examining the DNA of a strawberry in bloodology class. 

6 – Engineering class

Student builds bridge during an engineering class at the Tiger Woods Learning Center

What was Alexis up to this week? Building a bridge in engineering class! 

7 – Summer Academy mobile app class

Students show off their devices during a mobile app workshop

Playing around with ideas for the next great mobile app.  

8 – Robot races

Students build robots for racing during a class at Summer Academy

The competition is fierce as students prepare their robots for the great race. 

9 – Summer golf

Students get ready to golf at the Tiger Woods Learning Center

Summer. Golf. STEM. Memories! 

10 – STEM tug of war

Summer Academy students face off in tug of war

What better way to end a day spent as engineers, scientists and mobile app designers than with a good ol’ fashioned game of tug of war?