May 18, 2014

What do a fridge, toilet and shuffleboard have in common?

The 2014 Tiger Jam auction featured luxurious trips, entertainment items and authentic sports memorabilia. The list of items ranged far and wide, and the 900-plus items helped raise money and awareness for the Tiger Woods Foundation’s college-access programs. Guests were treated to some of the world’s most exclusive items, including a few you wouldn’t expect.

Smeg 50’s Retro-Style Refrigerator 
One lucky bidder can slip on a poodle skirt or put on a flat cap and turn up Jerry Lee Lewis, while settling into a kitchen of the golden age with the Smeg 50’s Retro-Style Refrigerator. 

The Smeg 50’s Retro-Style Refrigerator bid helped the Tiger Woods Foundation reach its $1 million fundraising total for 2014, $17.5 million since inception of the event. 

Kohler Co’s Most Technologically Advanced Luxury Toilet, NUMI
The phrase “you can’t judge a book by its cover,” is in full effect with the Numi. With a motion-activated cover and seat, foot warmer and MP3 player, bidders who let this piece pass by will be missing out. 

The Kohler Numi Luxury Toilet winner helped the Tiger Woods Foundation raise $1 million for its college-access programs.

Nine-foot Hudson Shuffleboard by Hudson Shuffleboards
Whether the Hudson Shuffleboard recipient wants to play professionally or host a game night, the shuffleboard is a great accessory for every home. Friends and family of this bidder can try out trick shots like this one by Billy Mays.   

The Hudson Shuffleboard bidder raised money to go toward the Tiger Woods Foundation college-access programs, including the Tiger Woods Learning Centers nationwide and the Earl Woods Scholarship Program. 

Regardless of the prize, all Tiger Jam guests helped the Tiger Woods Foundation in its goal to diminish the poverty cycle through education.