August 23, 2015

Tiger’s Wyndham Championship press conference: Sunday

Q: Tiger, yesterday you talked about how you need to go get it today. Just not your day today.

TIGER WOODS: No, I didn’t do that. Davis obviously did. He posted a number that I thought might give us a chance. I thought 18 was going to be the number today. Thought Jason was playing well enough he was going to shoot 3-, 4-under par today but wind picked up on the back nine and became a little bit more difficult.

Q: Tell us about what happened on 11.

TIGER WOODS: I pulled my tee shot just a touch. Hit a 5-iron from the rough, hit it high on the face left. A blade and muffed chip. Putt too hard and then I pulled 6 putt and made the seventh which was solid, right in the middle of the hole.

Q: Tiger, would you describe your week?

TIGER WOODS: It was good. I mean it was enjoyable. The people are just absolutely incredible. The support that they showed, come out in droves like this and the humidity and rain, they were out here all week and it was very special playing in front of them.

Q: Would you come back to Greensboro?

TIGER WOODS: I would love to.

Q: More encouraged about 70 good holes or frustrated by two that short of when you were still chasing it?

TIGER WOODS: I gave myself a chance, and I had all the opportunity in the world today to do it. I didn’t get it done. I had some makeable putts early I missed. I just wasn’t able to get any kind of roll early. I made a nice save at 7 and then 6, then 7 I had a pretty simple putt, missed that and then 8, I had a sand wedge in my hand at 8 and didn’t make birdie there. I had my chances to get it going. I just never did.

Q: Back nine there was a few times it looked like you grabbed at your back. Was there ever an issue with that in?

TIGER WOODS: It’s not my back, no.

Q: Can you say what it is?

TIGER WOODS: Just my hip.

Q: Did it get better after that? Obviously, you played well down the stretch, hit a lot of good shots. Tiger, would you have been ready to play the next few week if you had won?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah. It would have been nice. Yes, I would have. But I’m not.

Q: Tiger, will Frys be your next event?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I think Frys and possibly Mexico for sure.

Q: But this time between now —

TIGER WOODS: I have nothing. This is my offseason right now. Scotty owes me a drink right now after getting a 1. We’ll have one together.

Q: How long will you shut it down now?

TIGER WOODS: For a while. It will be nice. I got lots of soccer games and practices to go to, so I’ll be doing that and just working out, training and trying to get more fit.