March 09, 2012

Tiger’s WGC-Cadillac press conference: Friday

TIGER WOODS: It certainly could be had, the par 5s are all reachable for the long hitters today. You drive the ball well on most of the holes, you’re going to have some short irons in there and you can take advantage of it.

Q: You often talk about the difference between how you play and how you score; how would you measure that difference today?

TIGER WOODS: This is the highest score I could have shot today for sure. It could have been pretty low today.

Q: When is the last time you drove it this well —

TIGER WOODS: Last week — thank you. Great question. (Laughter).

Q: Over a long period of time.

TIGER WOODS: Last week. (Laughter).

Q: Over a month, over a period of time?

TIGER WOODS: Australia.

Q: Is there anything about the putts today? Was it just reading them or speed?

TIGER WOODS: I don’t know, I hit pure putts. I hit them right on my line and they were just lipping out. I just have to be committed to what I’m doing and continue rolling it, because I’m hitting the putts on what I’m reading and what I’m seeing, and unfortunately they are just lipping out.

Q: Back in the day, this place used to be one of the most feared courses out here. You shoot 67 and you’ve got somebody going way lower than that. What is it about it? Is it just time has passed it by, technology, all of the above?

TIGER WOODS: When Raymond did the redo on the bunkers, at the time, 280 was a carry. Now, you know, most of the golf courses we play, it’s 310 to 320. You know, if we get normal wind or no wind at all, these bunkers really are not in play. They are right about 280.

So the longer hitters, it’s just drive it down there and you’ve got a wedge in your hand.

Q: They are obviously talking about making it longer; is that the solution to making it, again, the Blue Monster?

TIGER WOODS: Well, I think if — all they have to do is just get these fairways fast. But that’s something that they haven’t done. Or, get the greens rock hard. That will make guys not be as aggressive off the tees, because it puts a premium on getting the ball with spin into the greens. But the greens are soft.

So even if the ball is in the rough, you can still hold a green. In years past, it wasn’t always the case. There’s some holes that, you know, if you hit the ball in the right bunker on 18, green-side bunker, you’re praying that you don’t hit the ball in the water, if you land the ball on the green.

This year, they are just slower and softer this year.