February 23, 2012

Tiger’s WGC-Accenture press conference: Thursday

TIGER WOODS: I was fighting the blocks all day with my putter. The putter was going back a little bit shut, and subsequently I let it go and it goes left, and I block it right. Left-to-right putt right there, I took it slightly shut right there, and I knew it, and blocked it open.

Q: I knew you were a little bit disappointed with the outcome, no question, but it looked like you hit some of the shots down the stretch that you’re looking forward to hitting. It looks like you’re almost back on all eight cylinders?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I striped it down the end. I didn’t miss a single shot coming in, which is good. And that was fun to hit the ball that well. Unfortunately I just didn’t make a putt when I needed it.

Q: How would you assess your game?

TIGER WOODS: I hit it well all day. I didn’t make any putts today and subsequently I didn’t win the match.

Q: You said with Steve just a moment ago that the greens are grainy, that’s kind of contributing to why it’s difficult to read, is there anything more?

TIGER WOODS: They are grainy, there’s no doubt. I’ve asked some of the guys this week, are you struggling, and they said, yeah, they’re hard to read.

Sometimes the green takes it, but sometimes you’ve got to factor in the valley, as well. They’re tricky, they’re very difficult to read.

Q: How would you rate the fundamentals of your putting right now?

TIGER WOODS: I’m taking a back shut going back. I need to make that toe move. And I need to feel the release of my stroke. And it’s hard to release it when the blade is going under. It’s shut. And hence I block it open.

Q: Pretty standard practicing between now and Honda, now that you have a few more days than you hoped to have?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, it’s just normal, back to normal practice and be ready, come Thursday.

Q: You talked about having trouble reading the putts. On 17 was that an issue?

TIGER WOODS: That was a pure putt. I didn’t see a double breaker there. I saw it continuing to break left all the way up. The only thing I thought, it might straighten out, but I didn’t think so. Because the grain at the hole goes right-to-left. So I’m perplexed as anybody that the putt went right at the end because the grain is actually going the opposite direction. That was a little bit of a shocker.

Q: Can you give yourself an overall grade?

TIGER WOODS: I hit the ball well all day today. And unfortunately I just did not make enough putts to extend the match or even win the match.

Q: How frustrating is that to have the tee shot you did and the approach you did on 18?

TIGER WOODS: That is frustrating, because that’s what I was struggling with all day. It’s the same putt, that block. The putter is going back shut, either let it go and it goes left or I block it to the right. And that was a perfect example of it went back slightly shut. It’s like I’ve always told you guys, I need to feel — the toe of my putter swings a lot, it has a lot of movement to it, it has none right now. I need to go back and work on that.

Q: How easy are the fixes?

TIGER WOODS: I should be able to fix it in about a day.