April 12, 2015

Tiger’s Masters press conference: Sunday

Q: You started a long ways back today, what was the game plan coming out?

TIGER WOODS: I needed to shoot probably 31 on that front nine, and make a little bit of a run. I missed three shorties in a row, 2, 3 and 4 and didn’t gather any momentum after that. And basically I struggled from there.

Q: We saw you catch a root, apparently?


Q: How are you feeling?

TIGER WOODS: A bone kind of popped out and the joint kind of went out of place, but I put it back in.

Q: Really?


Q: Wow. OK. In terms of the week, how would you evaluate your performance and how things went?

TIGER WOODS: Well, considering where I was at Torrey and Phoenix, to make the complete swing change and rectify all the faults and come here to a major championship and contend, I’m proud of that part of it. 

Just wish I could have made a few more timely putts and moved up that board. 

Q: Do you already know when you’re going to play again?

TIGER WOODS: Not going to be for a while. I have a little time off, and go back to the drawing board, work on it again and refine what I’m doing. I really like what I’m doing, I got my distance back, and everything is good. 

Q: Good to have you back out here.

TIGER WOODS: Appreciate it.