March 04, 2012

Tiger’s Honda Classic press conference: Sunday

Q: Coming to the par 3 fifth–

TIGER WOODS: 6-iron, I was just going to hit a low rider, and worked out pretty good. Just chased it backup there, left it just short of the hole about ten feet and made it.

Q: 7 had been a tough one, and the birdie putt, you hit it close.

TIGER WOODS: Hit a nice 5-iron there, held it against the wind, landed it flag high and was able to make that.

Q: Turned in 31, you’re now five back of the lead, a birdie and five straight pars and you come to the Bear Trap, final hole of the Bear Trap on 17.

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I filled I needed to go birdie, birdie to at least have a chance because I saw Westy was ahead of me, and made that putt. Then at 18, I was just trying to hit it up the tunnel to the left edge of the green and rip into the cut. Ironically enough, I kept telling myself, this is almost the same situation I had in Canada in 2000. Turned out to be all right, and I hit a pretty good one there, too.

Q: And this is the eagle putt.

TIGER WOODS: This was a tough little read. It was right-to-left early and then left-to-right in the end. I was wiggling back and forth between right center left center, depending how much the green was going to take it, I played a little bit of wind and moved my read to left center.

Q: When was the last time that you can remember playing a round this complete?

TIGER WOODS: Probably against Badds at The Presidents Cup on the final day. I hit it and putted just as good.

Q: How hard will these Bear Trap holes be for those who are in front of you, Rory McIlroy specifically, coming in?

TIGER WOODS: Well, the shots are not as long, because they are playing somewhat downwind, so in essence it’s a little bit easier. Plus you get the cush of slamming it into the wind and having it kind of hold on to the edge of the green. So his natural fit is a little draw, so I think he’ll play those holes pretty good.

Q: Very impressive today, can you talk about it, please?

TIGER WOODS: I hit the ball well and I made a few putts. I hit the ball — I figured the wind was howling this morning, and I figured I hit the ball just as — I played really well in Australia in this kind of wind, and there’s no reason why I can’t do it again here. It’s the same kind of wind. It’s blowing, gusting up to about 35 or so. I striped it all week down there and said, there’s no reason why I can’t do it today, and I did it.

Q: What does the charge feel like?

TIGER WOODS: I don’t know, just felt normal. I was trying to make my way up the board. Didn’t feel any different.

Q: How aware were you of what was going on scoreboard-wise? Were you watching the board?

TIGER WOODS: I think on 16 green, I saw Westy was already at 8. He was one ahead of me and I figured he would probably birdie 18, so I needed to birdie the last two holes to at least be in a tie in the clubhouse. That was the whole goal going into the last two holes was just make birdie, birdie, and at worst be in a tie.

Q: 18?

TIGER WOODS: It was a 5-iron and I was aiming at a tunnel on the left edge of the green and I was just trying to just hit it and just rip it up there. You know, looking at it from the fairway, I was thinking, you know what, this is very similar to 2000 at Glen Abbey. I’m not going to fire at that flag, just like I didn’t there, but I just had that kind of feeling that I was going to put it right there on the center of the green and make a putt. And I just happened to start it a little further right, try and really lean — worked out perfect.

Q: Inaudible.

TIGER WOODS: It’s just building, I was putting the pieces each and every day. I wasn’t that far off, and it was just kind of building.

Q: How much fun did you have out there?

TIGER WOODS: I had a great time out there. I know it’s not done yet. Rory has got a two-shot lead, so I’m going to go get some food and see what happens.