December 03, 2014

Tiger’s Hero World Challenge press conference: Wednesday

Q:  Talk about your swing after a round like this. 

TIGER WOODS: Oh, it’s the same thing that I’ve been doing. Only difference is actually walking, walking the golf course. Haven’t done that since the PGA.
That one part was a little bit different.

Q:  Must be nice to have a scorecard in your pocket for the first time?

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, obviously been playing at home with my boys for a little bit of cash, but still a little bit different. Every shot counts a little bit more. Felt good to be out there. Yeah, it felt good to be out there.

Q:  You went after the drive on 18 pretty hard. Is that an indication of where you’re at health‑wise that you played a whole round of golf and still… 

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, that is where I’ve been. That’s the neat thing. I took that much time off right after the PGA and built up my body and made a few adjustments on my swing and hit some good shots today.

Q:  Can you verbalize your excitement level considering the circumstances: the new swing and your buddy being out there? 

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, I felt like I really needed today though. I wanted to do some more work on the golf course yesterday afternoon, but the rain canceled that out a little bit.

It was nice to get out there today and play and see what the greens are. They’re a lot slower than they were two days ago with all the rain. I got to do some work today. Didn’t quite have the speed. Be a little slower greens.

Q:  Properly not the easiest test, is it, first tournament back in a while?

TIGER WOODS: No, this is a hard golf course. I think it’s more interesting that we play some of the up tees this week. We’re playing from some of the Tavistock locations that we have during the Cup. We’re used to just driving the back and bombs away and go play.

For instance, like No. 3, that bunker is never in play up the left side. You can’t get to it. Now that the tees are up, that’s in play and the trees on the right are in play. 

So there are some holes for us as members that we’ve got to make a few adjustments.

Q:  When you get to where you want to go, what’s it gonna look like, and what it will feel like? 

TIGER WOODS: Hopefully it’ll feel really good. I’m starting to get my power back; starting to get my speed back. That’s been nice. 

Q:  During your career you always said your expectation is to win. Is that the same here this week? 

TIGER WOODS: Obviously or I wouldn’t enter.