July 05, 2015

Tiger’s Greenbrier Classic press conference: Saturday

Q: Just talk about the round. Seemed like you were just a couple shots away from something good.

TIGER WOODS: Yeah, it was. It was closer than it might indicate. I started pressing at the end trying to make some birdies and really got aggressive. I really didn’t make anything today. I had the blocks with my putter today and just couldn’t — for some reason just couldn’t feel like I could let it go. Unfortunately just kind of how it was today.

Q: And that OB, that was just terrible luck?

TIGER WOODS: It was a bad shot, though, but that’s just the way it goes. For some reason I hit a couple bad shots today, that’s the way it goes, but I gave myself plenty of looks early to get something going early and get some kind of run. Could have easily been 3-, 4-, 5-under par on the front nine and just got nothing out of it, and hit that shot on 11, and there it goes.

Q: Looking forward to — you’ve got another round tomorrow. What are you going to be doing tomorrow, thinking ahead to the Open?

TIGER WOODS: Well, just keep working on what we’re working on. I feel like I’m really close to putting it together, and as I said, if I can just get a couple putts to go, then everything could kind of snowball the other way, and instead I was kind of fighting an uphill battle pretty much every day. I hit a lot of shots close. I just need to convert on those and get some kind of string going in a positive way.