June 26, 2014

Through the players’ eyes: The QLN

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like to see the players’ locker room and facilities during tournament week, then look no further than these exclusive photos of Congressional Country Club’s beautifully designed player hotspots and hideouts. Check it out:

In other words, you can only enter if you can handle one of America’s most demanding courses in the dead heat of a Maryland summer… and in the dead heat of competition.

Bob’s all smiles here, but see what happens if you try to sneak in…

The locker of the 2013 AT&T national champion Bill Haas. What kind of magic do you think he’s kept in that locker from last year?

When you’re tournament host (or Tiger Woods), you get an exclusive nook in the players’ locker room.

Tiger’s personal locker for the week — there are some pretty nice perks when you’re the tournament host … and one of the best who ever played.

Soon this empty locker room will be filled with past champions, future champions and one player who will be champion come Sunday.

Some weights for the players to pump during tournament week — as if they needed more distance on their drives… 

To complete the aura of history in the clubhouse, Congressional Country Club has lined the walls with timeless photographs and memorable moments.


The players show off their best penmanship as they sign their names in appreciation of Congressional Country Club’s hospitality.