June 21, 2014

From Georgetown to the White House

TWF Scholar and recent Georgetown graduate Darion Parker is heading to the White House this Tuesday.

Darion will attend with Tiger Woods as President Obama honors the 2013 United States and International Presidents Cup teams.

“I am really honored to share this unique experience with Darion,” Tiger said. “He is an exceptional young man and it means so much to me to give these opportunities to our scholars.”

Parker is originally from Forestville, Md., and received his bachelor’s degree in English in May 2014. In early June, Darion wrote about his experience of “being poor at Georgetown.”

“I, like many others, have been told that education is the great equalizer, and from my own life experiences, I absolutely believe this to be true,” Parker said in his blog. “At the same time, I am not so naïve to think that by being on the same college campus, every student is perceived as equal.”