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2014 College Bound Academy off and running!

As the College Bound Academy takes full swing, highly motivated students take part in focused college preparatory sessions … but that’s just the start. Get all the details here.

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Congratulations to TWF scholar Taylor Compton!

Taylor will be attending top-ranked Albert Einstein College of Medicine this fall.

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Anita refused to be deprived of her education

Tiger Woods Foundation scholar Anita Chheang has seen how difficult life can be without an education and refuses to let anything keep her from one.

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Welcome Scholars

At #TWLearningCenter today with our new class of Earl Woods Scholars who traveled as far as Boston to attend the annual pre-college retreat. First on the agenda? Photo shoot!

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My experience at an all-women’s college

Every time I tell someone that I attend a women’s college, I always get the same reaction. How do you do it? As if living with 1,400 other women eight months out of the year is an impossible thing to do.

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‘I felt I lost everything’

Oscar Chavez is one of 17 first-generation scholars breaking the cycle of poverty.

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